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AgeMed Asia is a division of Health Education & Academics (Thailand) Co., Ltd. in association with Age Medicine Management Group (AMMG) America.

Under licence from AMMG, Health Education & Academics (Thailand) Co., Ltd. has been given exclusive rights for the distribution and promotion of selected programs and offers provided by AMMG to consumers in the Asia Pacific region.


Common asked questions

No, there is no expiration or time to complete the 3 modules. We understand that physicians are busy working full time positions and have very busy schedules. How long does does it take to complete the course? Module 1 takes at least a total of 35 hours to complete. Often more depending on the physician’s current knowledge of age management medicine. Module 2 is two full days in a classroom setting with the AgeMed Asia faculty going through didactics. Module 3 takes a couple of hours to complete, once the physician is properly prepared and engaged.

AgeMed Asia provides a study guide that highlights the most important topics to focus on.

Module 1 is comprehensive, there are about 40 videos to watch, we recommend watching 1 to 2 videos daily and reading Age Management Medicine volume 1 and 2 in concert with the videos. The books will take some time to finish. AgeMed Asia Training & Certification in Age Management Medicine a multidisciplinary, advanced training covering foundational principles and progressive tools to help the Age Management Medicine clinician gain knowledge to stay on the leading edge of this rapidly evolving, ever-expanding medical specialty. It’s an exceptional program, marked by its contributing experts from a vast variety of medical fields including hormones, nutrition, diet, exercise and patient assessment. AgeMed Asia also provides information about the latest applications for 21st century clinical innovations such as genetic testing and personalized, precision medicine. Real case studies/situations are reviewed in problem-solving, round table discussions.

$5,900 USD

No, we allow you to take the exam 3 times with no penalty.

The fee for the whole Certification program is $5,900 USD. Once you have completed all 3 modules you will receive your Certification and 82 AMA Credits, 2 years of AMMG Membership and 1 complimentary conference. Graduates will receive a distinctive AMMG certification logo, which can be used on their website and marketing materials.