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December 6, 2022 heatantiaging No Comments

MODULE 2 – Advanced Topics in Age Management Medicine

The next level of Age Management Medicine training. This certification training program will bring the value and expertise from your clinical experience to an advanced lecture format, with cases that are interactive for discussion.


  • Additional One-year complimentary AMMG membership
  • Only members who pass the module 1 exam can attend.
  • AMMG-Asia members can choose the one on-site meeting
    • August 15-17, 2024: Two days of small group learning on-site with AMMG lecturers and two days attending the HEAT Anti-aging Congress at the Athenee Luxury collection hotel, Bangkok Thailand. OR
    • October 2024; Two days of small group learning on-site with AMMG lectures and two days attending the AMMG conference in Houston, Texas.
  • Module 2 certificate after attending




Live Didactic Lectures & Case Studies. 2 days AMMG Small Group Training followed by 2 days at one of our conferences to be held in 2024.



  • Complied with/fully completed the application process.
  • Successfully completed Module I. Self-Study, Essential Knowledge in Age Management Medicine—including the online examination.
  • Current AMMG or AgeMed Asia membership.
  • Attendance of 25 hours at an AMMG conference on Age Management Medicine or HEAT Anti Aging Conference.