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Refund and Returns Policy


These terms and conditions outline all standing agreements between the customer, hereby known as the “Purchaser” and the seller, Health Education & Academics (Thailand) Co., Ltd, hereby known as the “Company” for the sale and provision of all associated products and services pertaining to any “Product”, as well as any “Membership” benefits, as offered by the Company.

  1. The Purchaser hereby agreed to purchase the relevant Product/s from the Company through an online portal, via Credit Card / Debit Card transaction only.
    • If the online facility becomes unavailable, or the Purchaser is unable to make the transaction via Credit/Debit Card accordingly, the Purchaser must contact the Company directly for an alternative payment method.
  2. Upon completion of their payment, the Purchaser will receive a paid Tax Invoice from the Company, outlining the particulars of the relevant Product/s, and confirmation of their payment.
  3. The Company will provide the Purchaser with a Receipt for the transaction of the purchase of the relevant Product/s.
  4. Once the payment has been made:
    • The transaction will not be canceled by the Company under any circumstances unless the Company is unable to provide the Purchaser with the relevant Product/s.
    • The proceeds from any transaction cannot be used as credits toward any future purchases.
    • Any online Product login credentials related to the required usage of the Product by the Purchaser will be provided by the Company within 3 business days of the transaction.
      • If any additional time is required by the Company in order to obtain this information, the Company will notify the Purchaser in writing within 3 business days of the transaction.
    • Any physical Product will be provided to the Purchaser by the Company within 3 business days unless otherwise stated or notified in writing by the Company.
  5. Any Memberships provided to the Purchaser as part of, or separate from, any Product, will have a relevant expiry date unless otherwise stated. After any Membership held by any Purchaser has expired:
    • The Purchaser may lose access to any associated Product that has already been purchased
    • The Purchaser may be offered an extension of Membership by the Company, which will need to be paid in full in order to regain any required access the Membership provides to any relevant Product
    • The Company reserves the right to offer, or decline to offer, any Purchaser an extension of the right to hold any Membership
  6. In any circumstance as deemed reasonable by the Company, they maintain the right to refuse provision of any Product/s to any one Purchaser, and the sole discretion to cancel the transaction accordingly, returning all monies paid by the Purchaser, within 3 business days of any transaction.

These Terms and Conditions of Return & Refund will overrule any other noted Terms and Conditions pertaining to the sale of any Product by the Company.

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