AgeMed Asia

Certification in
Age Management Medicine


AgeMed Asia’s Training and Certification in Age Management Medicine is a multidisciplinary, advanced course covering foundational principles and progressive tools to help the age management medicine clinician stay on top of this rapidly evolving specialty.

  • Online study module begins immediately — gaining proficiency in the essential knowledge of Age Management Medicine — culminating in a proficiency exam.
  • 2-day live interactive training — moving you to a higher level of understanding via case studies and interactive discussions.
  • 1  ticket to attend relevant HEAT Anti-aging Congress . 
  • Three highly progressive and well-developed modules — deliver the insights, research, and protocols you’ll need to advance your practice in this outstanding, patient-centered, life-transforming medical specialty.
  • Comprehensive final exam—web-based and case-focused.


Assesses proficiency in several areas of Age Management Medicine with a predominant focus on these crucial areas:

  • Patient evaluation protocols — including laboratory testing, physical/performance evaluations
  • Nutrition/diet
  • Fitness/exercise
  • Hormone optimization/therapies — including thyroid, estrogen, testosterone, progesterone, DHEA, DHT, pregnenolone, human growth hormone, IGF-1, HCG, insulin, cortisol, 25-hydroxyvitamin D
  • Nutritional supplementation
  • Environment/lifestyle
  • Stress-response management
  • Preventive medicine protocols — including early detection and prevention of age-related disorders, such as cardiac disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, hyperlipidemia, etc.
  • Ethical/legal issues/guidelines
  • Precision Medicine: Emerging therapies — e.g. the use of autologous stem cells and emerging diagnostics (such as genetic screening and telomerase)
  • Additional content as it relates to Age Management Medicine

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  • Deliver Preventative Medicine — help patients live healthier, more productive lives with proactive, preventive health care.
  • Improve Relationships with Patients — restore a vital doctor-patient relationship with health-centered, patient-focused medical treatment.
  • Stay on Top of Research & Treatments — access solid science with evidence-based protocols that are receiving global acceptance and acknowledgment and can engage in ongoing educational opportunities.
  • Get More Satisfaction from Practicing Medicine — build a practice with highly motivated patients and receive personal satisfaction from guiding them to a new dimension of health

Special discounts for all AMMG educational workshops and conferences as an active AMMG-Asia member

Age Management Medicine

The AMMG-Asia Certification Program Offers:
Module 1
Module 2
Module 3


The course is divided into 3 modules. The first module is online. We provide you with 2 electronic textbooks, video lectures, a study guide and exam prep. The first module is done on your time and at your own pace. This is followed by an exam that is taken online.

Once you pass the Module 1 exam you will do Module 2 which is done at an AMMG conference in person or via zoom. It is 2 full days in a classroom setting.  This is a comprehensive program including tenets and practical applications of age management medicine, precision medicine and hormone replacement in men and women.

Module 3 is done online also. You will be given case studies and will review Modules 1 and 2. There is a final exam which is done online when you feel you are ready.  

No, there is no expiration or time to complete the 3 modules. We understand that physicians are busy working full time positions and have very busy schedules.

However, you must hold an active AMMG membership in order to take the exams in any module. 

Module 1 takes at least a total of 35 hours to complete.  Often more depending on the physician’s current knowledge of age management medicine.

Module 2 is two full days in a classroom setting with the AMMG faculty going through didactics.

Module 3 takes a couple of hours to complete, once the physician is properly prepared and engaged.

AMMG provides a study guide that highlights the most important topics to focus on.

Module 1 is comprehensive, there are about 40 videos to watch, we recommend watching 1 to 2 videos daily and reading Age Management Medicine volume 1 and 2 in concert with the videos.  The books will take some time to finish.  

AMMG Training & Certification in Age Management Medicine, a multidisciplinary, advanced training covering foundational principles and progressive tools to help the Age Management Medicine clinician gain knowledge to stay on the leading edge of this rapidly evolving, ever-expanding medical specialty. 

It’s an exceptional program, marked by its contributing experts from a vast variety of medical fields including hormones, nutrition, diet, exercise and patient assessment.  AMMG also provides information about the latest applications for 21st century clinical innovations such as genetic testing and personalized, precision medicine. Real case studies/situations are reviewed in problem-solving, round table discussions.

Pricing for the Full Certification in Age Management Medicine for AgeMed Asia Members is 220,000 THB, but discounted by 10% when you purchase all 3 modules together as a bundle.

We allow you to take the exam 3 times with no penalty.

Join AMMG – become part of a rapidly growing clinical medical association.  Learn how Age Management Medicine can grow and expand your practice.  Receive discounts on conferences, educational workshops and programs. 

Once you have completed all 3 modules you will receive your Certification and 82 AMA Credits, 2 years of AMMG Membership and 1 complimentary conference.


  • The exam for Module 1 must be done in 10 hours within 10 days period. Any AgeMed Asia member who cannot pass the exam, he or she can repeat the exam 2 more times.
  • The exam for Module 1 should be done within 1 year after membership begins; otherwise, AgeMed Asia members will need to renew their membership or purchase module 2 to get another complimentary membership.
  • Complied with/fully completed the application process.
  • Current AMMG or AgeMed Asia membership.
  • Attendance of 25 hours at an AMMG conference on Age Management Medicine or Heat Anti Aging Conference.
  • Successfully completed Module I. Self-Study, Essential Knowledge in Age Management Medicine—including the online examination.
  • Successfully completed Module II. Didactic Lectures & Case Studies, Advanced Topics in Age Management Medicine.
  • Successfully completed Module III.—including the case-based final examination.

Applicants successfully completing the examination for Certification in Age Management Medicine will receive a professional-quality, embossed certificate: AMMG Training & Certification in Age Management Medicine. 

In addition, graduates will receive a distinctive AMMG certification logo, which can be used on their website and marketing materials.